Daniel Ogden

I finally launched my new website!

Website Screenshot

It’s hard to believe this day ever came. This website has been ‘in construction’ for as long as I could remember.

The last version of my site was built before I started working in the industry, and it got to the stage where it was kinda embarrassing to have on the web. Now I’ve finally got my act together and put this up.

I guess it’s always the way, but looking at it now I can see so many ways that I would have built it differently, but at least it’s up now, and I’m really happy with how it looks. The web world is changing so quickly and often, a ‘modern’ website doesn’t stay modern for long.

I’m primarily going to use this website as a port-of-call for anyone who want to get in touch with me. I am going to use it as a record of all my fingerprints on the web, so if you ever want to know anything about me, it will be shown here.

If you find something that’s broken, it would be super nice of you to let me know.



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