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I blog, therefore I am.

There is no specific reason for me to have a blog, I just enjoy documenting my adventures on the internet. These are my stories. There is no schedule of posts, I just write something when I’m in the mood.

I write about a bunch of different types of things, so can either pick a category below, or view everything if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

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January Desktop Wallpaper

1162 days ago

Happy New Year! 2015 has started full-speed but I’m trying my best to keep up the daily design challenges that I’ve set myself for 2015. I just found the Nesta Rust Slab font and it made me want to make it into a wallpaper image for January … Read more …


CAPTCHAs and Translation: Online Collaboration

2240 days ago

I subscribe to the TED Talks podcast, and saw this one the other day. This talk details some amazing work being done to turn mundane and annoying things like CAPTCHAs into something that benefits society, which you’ve probably heard of before. But what’s even more … Read more …